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Monday, June 14, 2010

{Father' Day Idea} Father's Day Tie Treat!

When I was thinking of ideas to hand out to the Fathers on Father's day, I definitely wanted to give them a treat. Because what man doesn't like to eat? At first I thought of filling a clear plastic glove with some kind of treat and coming up with a poem about a Father's Hands. But no such luck there. Then I remembered a few years ago, the Primary made Candy Necklaces for the Mothers on Mother's Day. I thought 'How could I make a tie candy necklace?' That's when I came up with these.

I had some clear cellaphane baggies left over from our last quarterly activity. They were the tall, skinny bags. I thought they would work perfectly for this treat. I just folded the bottom to make it pointed (make it look tie-shaped). Then fill it with some kind of treat.
There is a cute Father's Day Snack Mix on Sugardoodle that you could always fill the tie with.

Then, on colored cardstock, I cut out a 'tie knot'. I think this makes it look a little more like a tie, and not just a bag of candy, haha. Then on the back, I attached a little note. It says:

Here's a special tie for you,
To tell you Thanks for all you do!
Dad, you are:
You're the best a kid could have,
I'm so glad that you're my Dad!
Happy Father's Day!
Love, (child's name).

Then at the bottom, in smaller font it says:
It's not another tie to wear,
But maybe one that you could share?

(I also included another note that you can use for the Men that don't have children in Primary.)

I thought these were fun little treats that the children could hand out. I think I'll make and fill mine before Sharing Time, then have the children sign their names on the note. At the end of Sharing Time we'll go down and pass a tie to each Father. We will have extras to hand out to the men that don't have children in Primary. 

Update: Devyn over at Sundae Secrets, shared how she made my Father's Day Tie Treats. She even added some cute little doodles to the note. So cute! Thanks Devyn. Click here to view her Note for this treat.

Hope you like my Father's Day Tie Treat. And if you use it, I would love to see some pictures. If you have an idea to make it better, Please share! Thanks!

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  1. Extremely cute!! I was planning an "I love you POP" theme with popcorn and soda, but I am going to try to pull these off instead!! If I do it, I'll definitely send pics! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!

  2. I like this too! I just bought some blow-pops and am going with the "I love you POP" theme but I will have to remember this for next year!!

  3. Very cute idea!!! Thank you...I will be using it for all the dad's in our ward! I got smaller bags but I am sure the will still have plenty of candy. I got "FROOTIE" tootsie roll candies in light blue, dark blue and brown. Hopefully they look like ties :)

  4. Sooo cute and clever! I can see dads all over the world getting this gift this year...thanks to you!

  5. Love this idea. My kids and I are making these today thanks to you being featured on! Do you have a FB Page for your blog?? I LOVE IT! I'm also featuring your cute idea on my blog I do with 2 other friends
    Should be up tomorrow! THanks!!!!

  6. So very glad I found you and your Fabulous blog! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas! It's people like you that make this world a better place!! Thanks Again!!

  7. Anonymous- I'm so glad you liked the idea. I can't wait to see your pictures! :)

    Lisa- The smaller bags will be fine, I actually had to cut all of mine to be shorter anyway. And I know yours will look great. I ended up using Jolly Ranchers and Starbursts for our Dads. Let me know how they turn out.

    Susan- Thanks for the sweet comment. I'm so glad you liked the idea.

    Devyn- Thanks! I didn't even know I was being featured on there. I don't currently have a FB page, but I've thought about it. If I do start one up I will Post about it and let everyone know. Also, Thanks for the Shout out on your blog. I love how you added the little doodles to the note. Thanks again!!

    Mama Wisch- Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I really love doing this blog, and my favorite is reading all the comments that people leave. Thanks for reading, I'm so glad you like it.

    Thanks everyone for all your amazing comments, I love them!!

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We used your idea today for Sharing Time and it was a hit! The kids loved making them and the dad's loved eating them!

  9. This is seriously so cute. You have such a great imagination. TFS!

  10. I just made these for Sacrament Meeting tomorrow and they are super cute. Thanks SO much!

  11. I'm going to use this for our priesthood preview fireside! Thanks!!

  12. Perfect! I am using these for a Young Women's Lesson about the priesthood. I couldn't think of anything cute to go with it until I found these. It's cute, it has candy, and a tie totally represents priesthood. Thank you!

  13. Sherbees: I found my bags at my local craft store. Anything like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc. Hope this helps. :)

    Travis & Joann: Thanks for the nice comment. What a great idea to use these as YW's handouts.


  14. I was wondering if you know the size (width and height) of the cellophane bags you used? Also, did the ones you used have the "pleat" down the sides?

  15. Wonderful Idea! I got this off of pinterest and we are making it in children's church for our Father's Day Gift!!! Thank you..

  16. Allison- I'm not sure the exact size, but I'm guessing they were around 6X2". I actually used 2 different types: some without the pleat and some with the pleat.
    I liked the ones without the pleat better, but they both worked great. Hope this helps. :)

    Amanda: Thanks for the comment, glad you like the idea. :)

  17. I love the idea for having the kids give them to the men without kids too. In our ward we have lots of men who are away from their families, this would definitely help them on their day

  18. Cheryl June 14. 2012

    Thank you for a cute idea. We will surly have fun with our little ones in nursery this Sun for Fathers day.


  20. Such a cute idea! I ended up just buying the bags at Wal Mart since I was there, but if I am to make them again I will definitely go buy the non pleated ones that are skinnier and taller. My husband had to ask me what they were. :)

  21. Love it! You were featured in our Father's Day Round-up today!

    Thanks for sharing your darling printable!

  22. Hello!! I think these are darling and tried them out for myself. I shared my version on my blog, giving you credit for the idea!! Thanks for a great post!! I am now following and enjoying!!