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Thursday, April 16, 2015

{General Conference} 22 Weeks of General Conference

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to listen to General Conference. I love General Conference! Don't you?

A few conferences ago I decided to create a printable to help me study the conference talks. I shared the printable on my blog, and found that many of you enjoyed the printable as well. YAY!

How It Works:
On the left side of the study sheet I have all the talks separated into categories. On the right side of the sheet is calendar with months (May-Sept.) and weeks, 22 weeks to be exact. Beginning in May you will pick a category (or two) and write it on the 'week 1' line. That week you will study the talk(s) from that specific category. At the end of the week you can review the talks with a friend or spouse and then choose what next week's topic will be and write it in the 'Week 2' space.

I have 2 color options (Coral and a blue/mint). But I also have a Blank Calendar option this time.
If you want to start a little early you can! With the blank sheets you can write in your own months, weeks, dates, etc.

If you'd like to print out your own '22 Weeks of General Conference' printable, then click the links below!

Click HERE to print the Mint!
Click HERE to print the Blank Mint!

Click HERE to print the Coral!
Click HERE to print the Blank Coral!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy reading the Conference talks.
Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

{Primary} April 2015 Monthly Theme Poster

I had a nice woman email me to see if I would be sharing a Primary Theme Poster for April. I am so glad she emailed me...because I kind of forgot I needed to do that. So, thank you Sara!

Here is this month's Primary Monthly Theme Poster!

What do you think?
Since the theme is focusing on the restoration I thought it would be great to use a cute picture of Joseph Smith.
Once again I used the amazing clip art from Susan Fitch. I absolutely LOVE her art. If you haven't checked out her Blog & Etsy shop you should.
Just click the link below to print out your Monthly Theme Poster for April.

Click HERE to print out the April Primary Monthly Theme.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this month's poster.
Have a wonderful day.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Service Cranium: A Sharing Time or FHE Idea

A long time ago I shared a game I used for Sharing Time. It's been a few years and it's a little outdated. I recently shared this game on Jedi Craft Girl, and decided to freshen it up a little bit. Today I am sharing the updated version. Hope you like it!

Today I am sharing my updated Service Cranium game.
I have used my Service Cranium game for Sharing Time, but would be great for Family Home Evening as well. 

My Service Cranium focuses on service. As you and your family play the game you will read scriptures, answer questions/scenarios, read about parables/stories, sing songs....all about service. It's so important to teach our children to serve others. Our Savior was the greatest example of serving and loving others. I love this quote from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." {Dieter F. Uchtdorf}
Get together with your children and plan a fun family game night. As you play discuss the importance of service. Discuss the scriptures and stories in the game. 
And then after you have played, plan a service that your family can do together.

Items Needed to Play:
Cranium Cards (link below)
Paper & Pencil
Something to keep score (paper, chalkboard, or dry-erase board)

Quick Look at Service Cranium
There are 5 categories in Service Cranium:
Scripture Search
Question Quiz
Singing Star
Creative Cat

Each card describes an activity that each team will need to do. Some of the activities will have you answer questions, draw, charade, hum, or read a scripture, and they all are about Service.
Some of the cards have a 'Two Team Play' on it. When one of these cards are chosen a member from each team will be playing head to head. 

This is a great game to teach your family about Service while having fun.

How to Play:
Split into 2 teams and pick a team name for each team.
On a piece of paper or a chalkboard/dry erase board, write each team's name, this is where you will keep score.

Decide which team goes first and have one member come up and pick a card. 
Have the person read the card and do the activity described.
If they correctly do what is asked on the card before the timer runs out, their team is awarded a certain amount of points (your family decides).
If they are unsuccessful at completing the task the other team has a chance to answer and 'steal' the point(s).

Continue playing until all the cards have been drawn or until you have reached a certain amount of points.

Other Ways to Play:
Instead of having the person pick a card you could create a 6 sided dice. Have each side a color of each category and for the sixth side you could have a 'Wild'. When they land on a 'Wild' they can pick the category.

Service Cranium Cards
There are 4 pages of cards for you to use for your own family 'Service Cranium' game night.
There are 6 cards for each category and then I included a blank card for each category if you wanted to create your own.
Just click the links below to download my Cranium Cards!

Click HERE to print page 1 of the Cranium Service Cards.
Click HERE to print page 2 of the Cranium Service Cards.
Click HERE to print page 3 of the Cranium Service Cards.
Click HERE to print page 4 of the Cranium Service Cards.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{Sharing Time} Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Mormon by the Power of God.

Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Sharing Time Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING: Write power of God on the board using a code (for example, you could replace each letter with a symbol). Ask if anyone can read the message. Write a key on the board that shows which letters the symbols replaced, and have the children work in groups to decode the message. (Remind the children not to call out the answer.) Read the phrase together. Read D&C 1:29.
Explain that Joseph Smith could not read the writing on the gold plates without the help of the Lord. Invite the children to share what they know about how Joseph Smith was able to translate the Book of Mormon. Invite several children to share how they feel about the Book of Mormon.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas

In my Sharing Time idea, I have a game idea that you can use for Jr. and/or Sr. Primary. It's called 'Search for the Gold Plates'. This is an activity I shared years ago, but would be great for this week's Sharing Time. 

First, to begin the Sharing Time I thought it would be fun to show 'The Book of Mormon' written in several different languages. 
Then ask if anyone can read any of the writings. You could go over each one, telling them what language it is written in. Then ask them, 'Wouldn’t it be hard to read something in a different language?'
'You would have to know the language wouldn’t you?'

Tell them that when Joseph Smith received the plates, they were written in a very weird language. The language was Reformed Egyptian.
Here is an example of Reformed Egyptian that you could show to the children.
After you have discussed how hard it would be to will explain to the children that they will be searching for the Gold Plates.

What you will Need:
You'll need to print out a picture of a stone/rock (Here's the image I used). You'll also need a few file folders or boxes.
Print out your rock {just find a picture online} and cut it out. Attach the rock to the front of the file folder. That's easy enough, right?

Then, inside place a picture of the Gold Plates. You'll only need one picture of the Gold Plates. Underneath the other rocks you could put silly pictures. I.E- Snakes, bugs, a shoe, etc.

Here is my picture using a box instead of a file folder. You'll want to cover the box with brown or green paper. Then attach the picture to the top of the box. You could use any type of box.

Inside, place the Gold Plates. If you are feeling very craftsy, you could always make some gold plates.
I know at our church, in the library, we have some gold plates that someone made using wood. They're really neat, the children loved them. And the same as above, you'll only need one set of Gold Plates, you could put other things in the other boxes.

And that's it!

I share several different ways you could play. Just click the link below to read the whole Sharing Time Idea and to print it out.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

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