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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{Sponsor} 25 Days of Christ

For the last few years I have shared Kati’s amazing tradition known as ‘The 25 Days of Christ’ with all of you. ‘The 25 Days of Christ’ is a project that you and your family can do to put Christ at the center of your Christmas celebrations.

Gather your family each night in December to study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as you countdown to Christmas. Each night {for 25 nights} is a new reading and a new ornament for your tree.
To learn more about Kati and how she started this tradition, visit her site, HERE!

In your kit you will receive:
·  Materials and instructions needed to make your 25 ornaments.
·  A gift bag for you to place an ornament for your family to "open" each night
·  The 25 Days of Christ book that compiles scripture references, quotes, and pictures and videos available to view on
·  A sturdy storage box for keeping your finished ornaments, book and gift bag safe year after year.

You can purchase one (1) ‘25 Days of Christ’ ornament kit or get a group of ladies and buy the 5 pack. Have a girls night in and put your kits together.

And NEW this year are Finished Ornament kits! If you would love to have a ‘25 Days of Christ’ but don’t have the time to put the ornaments together, then this kit is for you!

Coupon Code
 Now for some exciting info! Kati was kind enough to offer all Little LDS Ideas readers a coupon code to use!
Visit 25 Days of Christ to order your very own kit and use:
 coupon code: LITTLEFIVE
for 5% savings on orders of single kits and 5 packs (not group orders or finished kits).
But hurry! Kati’s kits sell fast and the code is only good Oct.1st - 4th.

I want to say Thank You to Kati for sharing her wonderful tradition with all of us & for offering a coupon code! YAY! 
Now hurry on over and get yours today! 

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{General Conference} Conference I Spy

Last General Conference I shared my ‘Conference Sundae’ idea. With my idea I included lots of fun printables that you could use for your family during General Conference.
Today I am sharing 2 new versions of my Conference 'I Spy'.
Here' what they look like:

The new 'I Spy' sheets aren't completely different from the old ones, but feel free to use all 4 of my sheets. I changed all of the apsotles, and then a few other things.

If you would like to use my Conference 'I Spy' sheets then click the links below to print.

Click HERE to print Conference 'I Spy' pg. 2.

To see my other General Conference sheets that I shared previously, CLICK HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{Sharing Time} By Living the Gospel I Set a Good Example For Others to Follow.

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (acting out a story): Tell the following story, and invite the children to act it out with you: “You were camping in the mountains with your family when a huge snowstorm hit (shiver). You couldn’t see the trail back to your campsite (hold hand over eyes, searching). Then your father came, wearing big, heavy boots (walk in place). He said, ‘I know the way! Follow me!’ Father made big footprints in the snow for you to follow.” Explain that just as we could follow the father’s footprints, others can see and follow the good example we set when we live the gospel.  Ask the children to repeat after you, “By living the gospel I set a good example for others to follow.”

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (reading a scripture and discussing standards): Have the children read 1 Timothy 4:12. Write some statements from For the Strength of Youth that you feel are appropriate for the children on separate pieces of paper, and put them in a container. Invite a child to pick one statement and share a personal experience with that standard or tell how living that standard sets a good example for others to follow. Repeat with the other statements. Sing “I Want to Live the Gospel” (CS, 148).

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

When I read this week’s Sharing Time theme I quickly thought of ‘Bee’ and Example. I just didn’t know how I would incorporate bees into Sharing Time. Then I thought of the cute ‘fly swatter’ Singing Time idea I have seen all over the place....perfect!

For this week’s Sharing Time you will be ‘swatting’ bees and discussing how living certain standards sets a good example for others. You could play this activity several different ways, read below to find out how to play.

First, you will need to download and print my Bee cards (Found HERE) or create your own. The front of the cards says: “Bee an Example” and the back has different phrases from the ‘For the Strength of Youth’. Print them, cut them and then glue them together so that there is a front and a back.

Place your Bee cards onto a table at the front of the Primary Room. You will also need to place a large piece of packaging tape (roll it) onto the fly swatter.

Invite a child up to the front and tell them to ‘swat’ a bee. The tape should stick to one of the bee cards, they may have to swat a few times to get one to stick. Once they have chosen a card have them read the phrase on the back. Invite the child to share a personal experience with that standard or tell how living that standard sets a good example for others to follow.
Remove the bee and then invite another child up to the front to swat the next bee.
{You may need to replace the piece of tape a few times during the activity.}

Other Options:
Instead of having phrases (standards) on the back you could have different scenarios. Have the children take turns swatting at the bees and then ask them if that is a way to ‘Bee’ and example. You could then discuss why or why it isn’t.

For this option you will need 6 envelopes labeled 1-6. On the back of each ‘Bee’ card you will also write a number 1-6.
Inside of the envelopes have standards from the ‘For the Strength of Youth’ or different scenarios.
Take turns having a child swat a bee and then find the corresponding envelope. Have them read what is inside the envelope and discuss it as a primary.

One more option: For this you will also need 6 envelopes, but instead of numbering them write short phrases/standards on the front of the envelope (i.e. Honesty, Good Language, Modesty, etc.). Inside the envelope have an explanation of that specific standard found in the ‘For the Strength of Youth’.

On the bees write the beginning of a scenario
“You are at school when you hear your friend say a word that you are not allowed to say.”
Have the child look at each of the envelopes and decide which standard belongs to their scenario. Have them open the envelope and read what is inside. Then discuss what they could do to ‘Bee’ an Example.

“Bee” an Example Cards
Here are what my ‘Bee’ cards look like. There are 2 pages: One page of the front {Bee an Example} & one page of the back {Standards}.

“Bee” an Example Cards
If you would like to use my cards just click the link below to download
I hope you enjoy my ‘Bee’ an Example activity for this week’s Sharing Time. If you have any questions or problems feel free to leave a comment or send me an email {littleldsideas(at)hotmail(dot)com}.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day & a wonderful Sharing Time.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

UP2U Gum Tags for Personal Progress & Visiting Teaching

I am always on the look-out for new ways to get the YW excited to do Personal Progress. One day while we were at the grocery store I saw a pack of UP2U gum and had an idea for a Personal Progress treat.

I created this little handout that you can tape to a pack of UP2U gum to encourage the YW to keep working on their Personal Progress.
The front flap of the printable says:

Lift up the front flap and you’ll see:

On the back I added a great quote I found from Sister Elaine Dalton. 
Hopefully a good quote and some yummy gum can get those YW excited about Personal Progress...fingers crossed. :)

While my Mom was visiting us a few weeks ago I showed her my UP2U gum idea and she loved it. She then said, 'You should make one for Visiting Teaching.' Hmmm.....why didn't I think of that. So, I got to work & created one for Visiting Teaching.

As I was looking for quotes about Visiting Teaching I saw one from Bonnie D. Parkin that said, “We don’t ‘do’ Visiting Teaching. We ‘are’ Visiting Teachers.”
So, I decided to type
“Being a Visiting Teacher Is...” instead of “Doing Visiting Teaching Is...”

These would be great to handout out to your Relief Society sisters at the beginning of the month or at a Visiting Teaching activity.

To create your own UP2U Treats...
1. Print out my UP2U Gum Labels (link below)
2. Cut them out
3. Fold on the dotted/dashed lines
{the label will go around the pack of gum}
4. Tape/Glue the back of the printable (where the quote is) to the back of the pack of gum. You can also add a small piece of tape/glue onto the top of the pack of gum.
5. Fold over the top flap
6. Hand out to your YW or RS Sisters and Enjoy!
{I added a strip of Washi tape to the front to keep the front flap down. You can do this or not.}

I hope you enjoy my UP2U Gum Labels and use them for your YW or RS sisters.
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog.
Have a wonderful day!

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