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Friday, April 11, 2014

{Sharing Time} Family BINGO

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (singing): Ask the children to think of their favorite Primary song. Tell them that when you count to three they should all stand and sing their song at the same time. Count to three and let them sing. Stop the singing, and have the music leader lead them all in one song. Point out that without the music leader to lead them, there was confusion. Explain that we would have confusion in our homes, too, if Heavenly Father had not given parents the important responsibility of leading the family.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing parental roles): Invite two boys and two girls to come forward. Give each a prop representing a member of the family (father, mother, son, and daughter). Stand next to the “father” and explain that it is the father’s responsibility to be the patriarch over his family and to preside over, provide for, and protect them. Ask the children for examples of what fathers do to fulfill these roles, and ask the “father” to pantomime what they describe. Stand by the “mother” and explain that it is the mother’s responsibility to care for and nurture the family. Ask the children for examples of what mothers do to fulfill these roles, and ask the “mother” to pantomime what they describe. Tell the children that both parents will have the responsibility to be good examples and teach the gospel. Give each class something that represents how parents can teach their family (for example, the scriptures, a family home evening manual, or pictures of a family eating, praying, or working together). Invite a child in each class to tell how the parents could use the item to help their family.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
I really like the idea for the ‘Identify the Doctrine,’ and I’m sure the children will love it. You could print out a red and green light or a stop and go and hold the appropriate sign up when you would like the children to sing. Then hold up the ‘stop’ sign when you would like them to stop. You could even invite a child to come up to the front and hold the signs.
Point out that without the music leader to lead them, there was confusion. Explain that we would have confusion in our homes, too, if Heavenly Father had not given parents the important responsibility of leading the family.

Family Bingo
For this week’s sharing time I thought it would be fun to play a BINGO game. I have created 3 BINGO cards plus a sheet of BINGO call cards.
Feel free to play this like the original BINGO or change it up. Here are some ideas:

Split the Primary into 2-3 teams and have the cards posted at the front of the room on the chalkboard.
Invite a child from one of the teams to come to the front and pick a card from the ‘call cards’ (Just place these in a bag or container).
Have the child read the card aloud and then have them share what responsibility that person has in a family (if a person is chose) or have them share how that card can help the family (scriptures, FHE, etc).
Have the teams mark that space on their card after you have discussed that particular space.
The first team to get 3 in a row WINS!
{If 3 in a row is too easy then have them get a ‘black-out’}

Charades BINGO
For this game instead of having the child talk about the call card they will need to act it out!
If the child chooses a person {mother, father, sister, or brother}, have them tell the children that it’s a person, and then have them act out what this person’s responsibility is as a member of a family.
You might want to make a list of ‘actions’ before Primary in case the children need ideas.
For the other spaces {scripture study, FHE, etc} have them act it out until someone guesses what it is.

Middle Space
On each of the cards the middle space says:
 “The Family is Central to God’s Plan”
You can choose to have this as a free spot or something else.
When this is chosen you could have the child share something that they love about their family or share how many members are in their family or what they can do to be helpful in their family. could do anything! 

I hope you enjoy my Family BINGO. These would also be great for Family Home Evening, so print some cards out and have fun.
I would love to hear if you use my BINGO cards, and how you play, so be sure to stop by and leave me a comment.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{Personal Progress} YW Personal Progress Olympics: Game Night

Are you ready for a Personal Progress Game Night?

Back in February I shared a cute little Olympic Torch treat that I was using for an upcoming YW Personal Progress Olympic activity.
As part of our Olympics we had a fun game night with the girls for a Wednesday Night mutual activity.

The Sunday before our game night I handed out some invitations for each of the girls. I also game them a treat...a box filled with Gold candy, to help remind them to 'GO for the GOLD!'
Here is what the invitations looked like.
If you would like to use my invitations, just click on the image and copy and paste into Word.
Then just add a text box to add your information in the blank space.
I just had the date and time of the activity.

Since this was our Personal Progress Olympics I decided we needed some 'winter' games to play.
Here are some of the games we played:

Build a Snowman: 2 people per team with one roll of toilet paper. One person holds the roll, while the other spins and wraps themselves in the toilet paper. They have 1 minute to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper. I should’ve had black pieces of paper for coal and a scarf and hat for the girls to decorate their snowmen...maybe next time. :)

Ice Melt: We didn’t do this, but I wanted to. Give each girl a piece of ice and have them melt it within one minute. They can do anything they choose to melt the piece of ice.

YW Scattergories: I came up with 2 lists for YW Scattergories. Just print out my lists HERE to have your own game of Scattergories.

Cookie Stack: Give each girl 8 Oreos {one for each value} and have them try to stack them on their foreheads without them falling. They have 1 minute to accomplish this.

I also saw some these great game ideas that you could use:
Snowflake Race: Give the girls pieces of paper or even coffee filters. Give them an amount of time and have them race to see who can create the most snowflakes.

Snowball Throw: Create a snowball out of crumpled up paper or socks and have the girls throw them to see how far they can throw. Or you could even hang a hula hoop or a poster-board with a hole and have them throw the snowball through the hole.

Since we played fun games that didn't have anything to do with Personal Progress I decided that the prizes would be all about Personal Progress.

I read through the Personal Progress booklet and picked out 8 value experiences. Then I went to the Distribution Center & Target and picked up any supplies that the girls needed for those 8 value experiences.
 I picked up things like notebooks, pencils, scripture markers, Conference Ensign, New Era, For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, a Book of Mormon, etc. Some of the experiences asked to read the Proclamation. I wanted to give the girls a small Proclamation, but couldn't find any, so I created my own. I have them for purchase in my Etsy Shop

I placed the supplies in cute bags or wrapped them in clear cellophane. I had a tag with the value that prize was for. Inside was also a card with the experience number and information.
Here's an example of one of the cards that I used for the prizes:

For this prize I had a small Proclamation, a scripture marker, and a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. All the girls would need were their scriptures.
I placed the prizes, along with the above card, inside a cute bag and then added my 'Virtue' tag, so the girls would know that that prize was for a 'Virtue' experience.

The girls had a good time and I hope they're using their prizes to pass off some more experiences.
At the end I had chips, chocolate chip cookies, and Root Beer for them to enjoy. I told them the treats were for them to remember to
"Chip away at their Personal Progress, and to remember we're Rooting for them."

If you'd like to have your own game night feel free to use my Experience Prize card! Click the links below to print out my Personal Progress Prize Cards. 

 I also am sharing my YW Scattergories game.

Well, that's it! I would love to hear how your game night goes, and what you do. Leave me a comment letting me know.
Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day! 
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Monday, April 7, 2014

{Printables} Peeps Treat Tag

It’s almost Easter, and you may have noticed the shelves full of candy at the grocery stores.
I am always tempted to grab a bag of chocolate candy every time I go grocery shopping...and sometimes a bag may happen to find its way into my cart. :)

The other day I was going to visit a wonderful lady. This lady just so happens to LOVE marshmallow, so I bought some ‘Peeps’ and came up with a cute little tag to go with the yummy little treat.

This wonderful friend of mine always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help others, so I came up with the phrase:
like YOU make
the World a
{Peeps clipart from}

I attached the tag to a box of ‘Peeps’ with ribbon, and then dropped them off. You could also get a skewer and place some Peeps on there. Then wrap with some clear cellophane. Tie the top & bottom with a cute ribbon and then attach the tag.

Is there someone that you know that makes the world a brighter place? Just print out my 'Peeps' tag HERE, get some Peeps and surprise them with a yummy Easter treat.
I included 4 tags to a page {2 smaller & 2 larger}.

14 Day Walk With Christ
I also wanted to let you know that I will be guest posting over at Jedi Craft Girl tomorrow! 

Every year Amanda does a '14 Day Walk With Christ' to help her family focus on Christ during Easter. Every day for 14 days she and other great bloggers will be posting a lesson about Christ.
These are great lessons that you could use for FHE. Today is day 2, so be sure to stop by and check it out

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my Peeps tags, and I hope you'll come visit me over at Jedi Craft Girl tomorrow.
Have a great day!
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Friday, April 4, 2014

{General Conference} General Conference Ideas for Families

General Conference is tomorrow! Are you excited? Are you ready for 2 days full of spiritual uplifting?
I am so ready for a nice {quiet} week has been crazy! School, a sick baby, lots of doctor visits.....

Around this time many of us are looking for ways to help our children listen to General Conference. There are so many ideas all over the web. I decided I would compile all of mine into one great post! is a list of some activities that you could use tomorrow...if you need to.

General Conference Jenga

A fun twist on the traditional Jenga game.
Place keywords on several blocks, and as you hear those words have someone pick one of the matching blocks. But be careful! Don’t let it fall!

General Conference Treasure Hunt
Have your children go on a treasure hunt during Conference. As they listen to conference they will need to listen to keywords in order to find the treasure!

General Conference Go Fish!
Two years ago I shared my General Conference Go Fish!
I created Apostle cards and Topic cards. Play some Gold Fish or any other card game.

General Conference Sundaes
This is what we are doing this year. My children will be earning points by finishing worksheets as they listen to conference. At the end of conference we will add up our points and have a Sundae Toppings Auction.
I have created 6 great worksheets for you to print out and use. AND I just added a 2nd 'I Spy' activity sheet!
Hopefully I have fixed all errors on my sheets, but if you happen to find one just let me know. :)
Feel free to print out my worksheets even if you don’t want to do the ‘Conference Sundae’ idea.

Other Ideas!
I also wanted to share another great activity that a friend of mine came up with.
Jessica from Latter-Day Chatter has created an awesome
'Book of Mormon Spot It' game.
My kiddos love to play Spot It, so I knew I had to have her Book of Mormon version. This would be a great addition to Conference activities or to any Sunday Activity. Plus...Jessica is giving ALL Little LDS Ideas readers a special coupon code for 10% off.
Just enter: GENCON14 to receive 10% off!
This offer is good through Sunday, so hurry! 

Conference Bowls
Annette over at 'Tips From a Typical Mom' shared a great idea that works for her family. I'm calling it 'Conference Bowls'.
They fill bowls with lots of different treats and then label each bowl with a conference word. If you don't want to have each bowl filled with treats then you could place stickers or other small prizes in the bowls. Love it!
Stop by to take a look at her great idea!

Packets & Other Great Ideas
Sugardoodle has a great packet plus a huge list of other ideas!

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